What's include in content marketing?

To carry out good content marketing is necessary that your company becomes a producer of quality information and distribute them strategically through the appropriate means, it is also important that you know the role you play in society to define the tools that will be supplemented by selecting the appropriate means and tools to disseminate the content and finally be in constant interaction with their audience, who will become clients, repeaters or influencers.

Content Creation

Creating content is a task that requires time, it doesn’t mean that we take it long, but it deserves a plan that studies what is the best content for our users, that is, we must strive to know our audience to be objective and get expected results.
Following a process when creating content will allow you to learn and improve through the time. It’s not only about producing and distributing content, it’s also important planning and analyzing to be aware of what really works for us.

Content Marketing? How does it works?

A very important marketing technique is the content creation and distribution of relevant content and value to attract, adquire and get the target public attention with the aim of encouraging them to be future clients.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain those possibles customers through a relevant and valuable content.

The content creation is made by experts who are responsible for generated documented, extensive and complete information, this is because users are increasingly demanding, browse in search of answers and solutions to their needs.
Likewise, the distribution of good content makes your brand visible and gives your audience useful or interesting information that will allow you to gain loyalty using different strategies to present information such as:

  • Editorial articles, essays, research reports published in magazines, blogs and newspapers.

  • Success stories, testimonials and interviews.

  • E-books and audio books.

  • Magazines

  • Newsletters with topics of interest.

  • Social Media posts.

  • Brandlines or user guide.

  • Informative, tutorial and documental videos.


We help you to take the right choises advising you in your own advertising campaign, we answer with solutions.

  • We have an expert team to execute content strategies according to your needs.

  • We advise you about what's happening so that you are informed about your consumers needs.

  • According to a study made to your target we advise you about what content is appropriate to produce.

  • We advise you on the social media that suit you to achieve greater engagement.

  • Through a marketing consulting we determinate How much, when and what to post.

  • We analyze the medium that will have the greatest scope in the dissemination of information: Photos, videos, audio and more.

  • We integrate your existing marketing tools (Website, channels and profiles)